Archipelago New York

A series of 15 award winning Photographs


Thomas Halaczinsky


The photo series “Islands of the Archipelago New York” explores the relationship between the city and the ocean as part of the urban landscape.

Seascapes in the immediate vicinity of the city juxtaposed to the skyline of the modern metropolis reveal the inherent and often forgotten maritime origin. 20 large format Aluminum Dye Sublimation prints of each of the 15 images featured in the book “Archipelago New York” will be made available as a limiteds edition.

The series was awarded a Honorable Mention Winner at the Tokyo International Foto Award, December 2016.


The images were captued during a modern day exploration by sailboat into the vast island world of New York. Filmmaker and photographer Thomas Halaczinsky followed the journey of explorer Adrian Block, who in 1614 was the first European to sail and map this magical and mysterious island world, calling it an archipelago for the very first time. The 3000 nautical journey was documented in the book “archipelago New York”.

For more information, please contact:

Thomas Halaczinsky , +1 347 985.6885


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